Welcome To The Black Belt Program

The Black Belt Program is a highly tuned Kickboxing program formulated over many years by Ireland’s most successful Martial Arts company; Martial Arts Incorporated. It has been designed so that you can successfully achieve your black belt. This is not an easy way to attain a black belt. It is a more highly tuned and efficient system encompassing everything you need to know and do in one package.

The Black Belt Program is not for everyone. You need to be pre-qualified. A person cannot just walk in off the street and sign up to the BBP! If you are not a current member then to qualify you need to book an introductory private class with us or attend our group classes and then simply express your interest. We will then advise you honestly and openly as to whether we think it would be a suitable course for you or not. We are not in the business of advising everybody to join the Black Belt Program because as we offer such a strong money back guarantee, we would simply end up giving unsuitable candidates their money back and wasting everybody’s time.

The BBP consists of the following:

If you can simply train a minimum of 5 hours per week (can be 2 hours x 3 days per week) then you can do the Black Belt Program. You do not have to attend every single syllabus class. The program is flexible and designed so that you can make up on any classes you miss. Holidays and breaks are also allowed for. We will make sure that you become not just a black belt but the BEST Black Belt that you can be. If you do decide to do this program then we do whatever it takes to make sure that you achieve your Black Belt within the time frame. Do expect to fail some grades – due to the nature of how fast we will be moving, the time is calculated to allow for a few failures. You will not get easy gradings.

We are totally committed to making Black Belt Program members the best Martial Artists not just at our studio but in the country – Simply give us a minimum of 5 hours a week for the next year to year & a half and we will make you a great Black Belt in Kickboxing.